3 Ingredient peach cake

If you tell me I can make an incredibly delicious peach cake with 3 ingredients, I’m all for it! This is the most versatile dessert recipe I’ve created. Whether you use fresh fruit, or canned (I used canned in the recipe), it’s a winner every time! You can adjust this to your preferences, say if … Continue reading 3 Ingredient peach cake

Tostones (Fried plantains)

Tostones are an essential part of any Cuban dinner. I’ll show you how to make these twice-fried plantains to impress everyone at your table! Here’s what you’ll need: Plantain (must be firm and green) 1/4 cup of water 2 Teaspoons salt Oil for frying First, preheat a skillet with vegetable oil (or any flavorless oil) … Continue reading Tostones (Fried plantains)

Frijoles de la Olla

Ingredients: 2 cups pinto beans 2 garlic cloves 1 white onion Salt to taste Place beans into a tall pot and rinse. Be sure to remove any excess grit that may float to the top of the water. Fill the pot with water about 3/4 of the way and add theĀ garlic and onion. Bring to … Continue reading Frijoles de la Olla